** as of Friday, December 18 2020, Clustering has been released in Beta on the Everlaw platform with limited customer availability. It will take some time before general release at which point it will be accessible to each database on the platform and we want to be sure that we do it right without disrupting your existing workflows. Releasing in beta gives our team time to work through any issues and better understand user behavior while our engineering team works diligently to make clustering accessible to all projects on the Everlaw platform. We look forward to updating you with more information soon. If you’re interested in accessing Clustering in the beta phase for your database(s), we can try to accommodate the request. Please contact

The clustering tool is designed to help you gain insight into your data without any user input or prior knowledge about your data required. Clustering visualizes your documents by grouping similar documents together. The clustering tool can be valuable in a number of different use cases such as ECA, organizing review, and performing quality control.

Interactive Training

Live Training

Everlaw offers free live and recorded training sessions on Visualizing Your Data, which you can sign up for here.

Topics covered include:

  • How to use Clustering

  • How to use Search Term Reports

  • How to use the Data Visualizer to understand large populations of data

  • How to leverage these tools to construct complex searches and gain insight into document contents before beginning linear review