Early Case Assessment (ECA) Databases

Everlaw offers dedicated databases for Early Case Assessment (ECA) with a separate billing model. ECA databases comprise of at least two projects, an ECA project and a Review project. From the ECA project with limited functionality, you can identify and promote documents for full review in the Review project. Data stored only in the ECA project will be billed at a lower rate. If you are interested in using an ECA database, please reach out to your account manager on Everlaw’s Customer Success team or email support@everlaw.com. To learn more about ECA functionality:

Interactive Training

Live Training

Everlaw offers free live and recorded training sessions on Early Case Assessment, which you can sign up for here.

Topics covered include:

  • How to create or request an ECA database for your matter

  • The functionality of ECA projects on Everlaw

  • How to search and promote documents for review

Training Activities Checklist

After you've watched the videos and have a basic understanding of how an ECA database works, practice your skills and try performing the following actions:

  • Promote documents from the ECA project to the Review project

  • Add "Promotion Codes" to your results table

  • Use the Promotion Code search term in the ECA project to find the documents that have been promoted

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