Legal Holds

Everlaw’s legal holds tool allows you to create and send hold notifications, schedule automatic renotification and escalation notices, track custodian acknowledgement, and connect holds and custodians to documents uploaded to the platform. You can send as many legal holds as you like to as many custodians as you like with no limits. Legal holds are stored at the database level, so all legal holds within one database should be related to a single matter. Because legal holds are needed whenever users anticipate litigation, legal holds should be the first thing users create in their databases, long before any data is uploaded to the platform.To learn more about legal hold functionality:

Interactive Training

Live Training

Everlaw offers free live and recorded training sessions on Legal holds, which you can sign up for here.

Topics covered include:

  • How to create and send hold notifications

  • Schedule automatic renotification and escalation notices

  • Track custodian acknowledgement

  • Connect holds to documents uploaded on the platform

Training Activities Checklist

After you've watched the videos and have a basic understanding of how the legal holds tool works, practice your skills and try performing the following actions:

  • Add a custodian and fill out information about them

  • Create a draft hold and use merge fields

  • Send a preview or test email to yourself to see what your hold notice looks like

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