Results Table


The results table is our standard way of displaying sets of documents, whether associated with a search, binder, or assignment. Learn how to customize the information shown in the table and sort the documents.

Save time by reviewing documents automatically. From the results table, apply review product to multiple documents with one click.

Grouping lets you see related documents in the table. You can group by duplicates, attachment families, email threads, and versions.

The export tool can create reports of document sets and is a simple way to get files off of Everlaw.

Other tools allow you to use documents in workflows like assignments and productions, include/exclude duplicates, etc.

Insights have never been so easy to see. Everlaw creates interactive data visualizations from any document set so you can explore at a glance.

Use the data visualizer specifically to explore the file structure of documents.

Interactive Training

Training Activities Checklist

After you've watched videos and have a basic understanding of the results table, practice your skills and try performing the following actions:

  • Add documents to a binder from the results table

  • Add or remove columns to your results table

  • Save your results table view

  • Apply a sort to your results table

  • Apply a multiple sort

  • Resize and rearrange your columns

  • Create an export

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