Quick Start

Everlaw’s User Education team offers a variety of recurring free live training sessions designed to help you to learn, understand, and master the Everlaw platform. On this page you can find a list of all of the available quick start videos along with a description of what features of the Everlaw platform are covered. 

If you have any questions about our training offerings, please email training@everlaw.com.

Quick Starts by Section

Getting Started - Introduction to Everlaw | Homepage | Collaboration on Everlaw

Uploads - Native Data | Processed Data

Data Exploration - Search | Find Related Documents

Review - Results Table | Document Review | Review Window Customization | Redacting Documents | Translation on Everlaw | Storybuilder

Administrative Workflows - Assignments | Case Configuration | Creating a Predictive Coding Model | Productions

Getting Started

Welcome! This video gives a brief overview of what you will be able to do with Everlaw. 

The first page you see when you login to Everlaw is the homepage. Here's a bit more about what you can do with this page. 

Learn about sharing and sending messages in the Everlaw platform


Learn how to identify native data and upload it to your database on Everlaw. 

Learn the difference between native and processed data and how to upload processed PDFs with no load file onto Everlaw. 

You'll also learn where to access more information on uploading native data, and your options for uploading processed data with a load file.

Data Exploration 

Everlaw's search interface features an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop mechanism for building queries. 

Find out how to identify formal and conceptual relationships between documents in your set.


Learn how to sort, group, export, or apply review work to multiple documents in Everlaw. 

Document Review is an essential part of the discovery process. In this short introduction to review on Everlaw, we’ll tell you about the tools that make document review possible.

The Review Window contains all of your review tools.  Learn how to customize these tools to best fit your workflow.

Everlaw's search interface features an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop mechanism for building queries. 

Learn how to translate and search for documents with non-English text.

Explore Storybuilder features including the timeline, drafts and depositions.

Administrative Workflows 

Learn how to find and review the documents that you have been assigned.

See how to add users, manage permissions, create codes, and administer other project settings.

Learn the basics of what a predictive coding model is and how to create one in Everlaw.

Walk through the steps of running a production