Transition Resources

New to Everlaw? On this page you can download quick reference guides that are geared towards new users who have experience on other ediscovery platforms. Click on a title from the table of contents to learn more about that specific resouce. 

Transition Resources

Everlaw's User Education team offers a number of quick reference guides on various topics available for download:

Everlaw Homepage Map

The homepage is a customizable dashboard where you can see and access relevant items and workflows. Download the map to better acquaint yourself with the homepage.

Optimizing your Everlaw Search Experience

Everlaw's search tool is a visual query builder that utilizes Lucene syntax. Download this guide for search tips, practice examples, and challenges. 

Terminology Hub

On this page you will find definitions for key platform terminology, categorized in the following ways: The Terminology Translation section includes Everlaw terms translated to terms you may be more familiar with from other platforms, and additional sections define key terms categorized by workflow. 

For full details on all the features in Everlaw, please visit our Knowledge Base.