What's New on Everlaw?

Who might be interested: 

Users who are interested in learning about what features were recently released and what resources are newly available.

What you will learn: 

An overview of impactful features in the latest release and information on where to learn more.

"What's New on Everlaw?" is offered once a month on Wednesdays at 10 AM Pacific (6 PM GMT/BST). 

Past Releases

The November 17, 2023 Release included a new Legal Holds management center, homepage folder improvements and more! 

The September 15, 2023 Release included a new Preservation-in-place feature for Microsoft 365, search improvements, Parent Organization reporting, and more!

The August 18, 2023 Release added Near Duplicate grouping, Codes Admin, Customizable Exhibit linking, and more!

The July 28, 2023 Release added the Communication Visualizer, Video Depositions, Partial PII Redactions, and more!

The June 23, 2023 Release added cloud connectors for uploading, an updated email thread visualization, batch coding improvements, and more!

The May 26, 2023 Release added the ability to generate clusters based on search criteria, improvements to the results table, and more.

The April 28, 2023 Release includes watermarking documents in a production, a new Storybuilder tab in the full-screen review window panel, information on distinguishing between duplicate types, and more!

The March 31/April 2023 Release includes applying review work during Native uploads, support for Microsoft Access files, and more! 

The March 3, 2023 Release included uploading directly from Zoom, database fields, updates to the codes section of data visualizer and more! 

The February 3, 2023 Release included a new production protocol template, the ability to modify review criteria for active predictive coding models, and more!

The January 6, 2023 Release included default search grouping, improved coding presets menu, improved document history filter in the review window, and more!

2022 Release Trainings

The November 18, 2022 Release included updates to linked documents and images in Native Uploads, a new Production Report export, and more!

The October 21st 2022 Release included the ability to permanently rotate documents, an update to Everlaw Terms, and the inclusion of suspended projects in user exports for Organization Admin.

The October 2022 Release included the updated Everlaw branding, ability to identify linked documents, added details in production cards and more.

The September 2022 Release included improved chat styling, searching processed uploads by processing flags, availability of WalkMe Guides to all users, and API improvements. 

The August 2022 Release included the ability to create reminder emails and attach files for Legal Holds, as well as AWS translation support, and API improvements. 

The July 2022 Release included new production protocol templates, updates to Quick Review for support of spreadsheets and media files as well as improved reporting on database sizes for organization administrators.

The June 2022 Release included new improvements to clustering, processing error reports and improved processing improved processing visibility, and updates to contents and codes in search API.

The May 2022 Release included platform time tracking, the ability to manage suspended databases and projects, improved production times, and more. 

The April 2022 Release included compatible keyboard shortcuts, the ability to automate metadata reporting with the API,  and performance improvements. The release training also includes a tour of keyboard shortcuts across Everlaw.

The March 2022 Release included Everlaw Community accessibility and Improvements in searching for unassigned documents in dynamic assignments.

The February 2022 Release included Malware Detection, improvements to the Office 365 uploads integration, and improvements to Clustering.

January 2022 Release included support for dtSearch translation, single pdf and single folder packaging for productions, and loosened attachment restrictions on produced natives.

2021 Release Trainings

December 2021 Release included native audio/video redactions as well as support for Bloomberg Chat and Instant Bloomberg files

November 2021 Release included uploading processed data without a Bates prefix, User Activity page updates, and more.

October 2021 Release included legal holds, results table filtering, ordered fields within aliases, sorting and filtering homepage cards, organization page updates, ability to allow overlapping bates ranges, and document access management for ECA projects.

September 2021 Release included uploading data directly from Slack to Everlaw, sharing Review Window layouts and setting a default layout for a project or specific assignment, configuring native filenames when exporting, and the ability to duplicate production protocols. 

August 2021 Release included the automatic handing of CSVs as spreadsheets during ingestion, workflow enhancements for ECA projects, and the ability for organization administrators to remove other bates.

July 2021 Release included email header metadata extraction from the text of files which are non-native images of emails, the introduction of the "primary date" field, the ability to exclude load files from productions, and the exclusion of duplicates when grouping by email threads and removing non-inclusive emails.

June 2021 Release included hit highlights for spreadsheets, batch redactions in spreadsheets, new exporting options for document groups, and creating empty metadata fields.