Release Training

Who might be interested: Users who are interested in learning about what features were recently released.

What you will learn: An overview of impactful features in the latest release and information on where to learn more.

Live Training Sessions

Release Training is offered at 10am Pacific, the Wednesday after the release. Check back soon for an upcoming session!

See below for the most recent training session recording.

Past Releases

For a full list of past release notes, please visit this page in our knowledge base.

October 2021 Release included legal holds, results table filtering, ordered fields within aliases, sorting and filtering homepage cards, organization page updates, ability to allow overlapping bates ranges, and document access management for ECA projects.

September 2021 Release included uploading data directly from Slack to Everlaw, sharing Review Window layouts and setting a default layout for a project or specific assignment, configuring native filenames when exporting, and the ability to duplicate production protocols.

August 2021 Release included the automatic handing of CSVs as spreadsheets during ingestion, workflow enhancements for ECA projects, and the ability for organization administrators to remove other bates.

July 2021 Release included email header metadata extraction from the text of files which are non-native images of emails, the introduction of the "primary date" field, the ability to exclude load files from productions, and the exclusion of duplicates when grouping by email threads and removing non-inclusive emails.

June 2021 Release included hit highlights for spreadsheets, batch redactions in spreadsheets, new exporting options for document groups, and creating empty metadata fields.